My new website

Elaine Miller Design is finally getting with the 21st century! After many false starts I have finally got round to updating the website and embracing technology. My great friend Jo pointed out to me that I just need to get with it! Basically I appear to need a technology enema and move with the times. One of our first discussions was my love of all things justified and her insistence that this was sooooo last century.┬áSo, no more justification (lines stretched to fit the page, producing equal margins) for me….well not if she catches me doing it!

Tamsin from Digital Carrot as done all the hard work translating my ideas into reality. Lizzie Churchill will be taking more of her awesome photographs to show off my work, so keep looking at the site as I will update them when I can. Also I will start to serialise the book -unpublished- that has been a labour of love for me. The title is Style Image Design, Or…..Do as I say, not as I do!

What to expect

Over many years working with private and professional clients, I have a wealth of experience that I’d like to share. I have found that whatever your age, shape or size, women universally have the same concerns regarding their clothes and their appearance. So I want to address some of these factors and offer advice where I can. I’m doing another show in April and want this site, and the journal that I’m really looking forward to starting, to be an interesting, fun and informative point of reference for all my friends and clients.

Apparently you need to put loads of pictures in these posts so I hope you like these…not fashion but some of my favourite things. For some reason Dave and Nosey are sideways but with my new found technological abilities, I may be able to change that soon?!?