Elaine Miller Design. The new home of Style Image Design…or Do as I say, not as I do. Style Image Design is the title of my book, and my old website. However, the book is unfinished and it seemed like the website was dated. I started the book many years ago and one day I hope it will be a best seller. This tome is a labour of love and has been the basis for much of my work with both individuals and organisations, helping everyone to achieve their full potential. Because it’s a subject that really interests me it is something that I feel passionate about.


Develop your own style by taking aspects of what is fashionable and current, and blending this with your trusted basics. Consequently you’ll have a wardrobe that takes you from season to season. Furthermore, you will always have something to wear for that special occasion, without having to make the doomed impulse buy. Because we all  have a collection of clothes we love, it’s about choosing the right stylish additions for you.


Are you stuck in a rut? Do you want to develop a new look and don’t know where to start? Like everything else in life, small changes can lead to big results. Perhaps a different colour palette, a different fit to your clothes and experimenting with new fabrics. As a result, while you don’t want to transform into someone unrecognisable, a regular rethink of your image is something that we can all benefit from.


Does your wardrobe revolve around one aspect of your life, be it work or play? Maybe this leaves you in a dilemma for all other occasions?  Careful choices of the clothes in your wardrobe can go a long way to easing these problems. Design is key in making your clothes work for you because the right clothes in the right fabrics will take you anywhere.

Other topics to be covered include:-

Two basic principles that come up time and time again are cost-per-wear and organisation.  Both are very easy in theory (and practice), but both need to be applied!

To be continued….