Welcome to my new look website. To sum it up, New year, new website, new projects and beautiful clothes.  As a long established British Fashion Designer, I love to express myself through the beautiful clothes I design and make. I use stunning fabrics to bring my many clients pieces that are not only perfectly fitted to their bodies but also to their lifestyles. Over the next few months I will be adding lots of new content, pictures, ideas, colours,designs and pieces by guest contributors. As many of you will know this has been a long time coming and I’m really excited that I’m now able to share my thoughts and ideas with you. Can I also thank Tamsin (Digital Carrot) and Lizzie (Lizzie Churchill Photography) for their skills in producing this beautiful site.

How to start…as a reforming perfectionist

Starting something that you have been planning for a while brings it’s own dilemmas. As a perfectionist, part of me wants everything to arrive fully formed. But as a very creative person, I love the process of development…a dichotomy if ever there was one! So, welcome to my new look, not perfect (yet) website!

At the beginning of the year, instead of making a few resolutions that are both unfulfilled and forgotten by February, I like to set new intentions for the coming year. This year, among other intentions, I will endeavour to live in joy and beauty. My aim is to gracefully accept abundance, and to happily work towards achieving the best possible outcome for my business. As an open ended statement, I am not setting myself up for failure. There is no imaginary date to either miss or keep pushing back…Moi? Equally the intentions are not quantifiable so the best possible outcome can be just that, the best possible.

What to expect

I have several new projects that I’m keen to bring to you. Thoughts that I’ve had in the background as well as things that have come as a result of prompting by many of my clients. I’ll share my ideas and designs for the coming year. There’ll be advice on clearing your wardrobe. To paraphrase Jane Austen, ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that’…. every woman has too many clothes. I will highlight the more wearable trends and colours, explore colour and texture. I’ll show how cost often has no relation to value. Then point you in the direction of designers and blogs you might like to follow for ideas and inspiration.

Lots of ideas, lots to see and do and beyond everything…lots to share!