We all have a wardrobe. Mostly we have too many clothes in said wardrobe. Sometimes we have no idea what to do about it.  The question is how to have fewer clothes but more to wear.

If you’ve got too many things in a small space, you can’t see everything let alone find it. Times have changed, with most occasions being far less formal. This means you can wear just about anything to any occasion . You really need a wardrobe built around good basics that can take you anywhere. Most people have a fear of being either under or over dressed and want to get more use out of their special occasion wear. The answer is to base your wardrobe around simple, well cut, well fitting clothes. Clothes that are multi occasion, multi season and that will co-ordinate with the other things in your wardrobe. A core selection of clothes that work hard for their space.

I specialise in designing clothes that can be worn again and again, and for may occasions. My background in classic tailoring has given me a good feel for how shape and fabric work. This means that I can help identify, not only if there are gaps in your wardrobe, but also the best ways of bringing everything together.

A Wardrobe for your Current Lifestyle

Surprisingly, the remedy is less rather than more. Fewer things that are worn more. Things that go well together, that build on each other rather than stand alone… probably amongst lots of other similar stand alone pieces. We all have (or have had) this core already in our wardrobe. Sadly though, many don’t work well for your present life.

Perhaps you’re now at home with the family but have a wardrobe full of city suits that’ll never be your size again, even if you went back to work? Are you now retired to the country and find the need for cocktail dresses not what it was? Maybe you have started a garden design business after working for years in a bank? Have you started work in the city after years of childcare? Fill in your own version. Each of us are probably living with many different aspects and variations of the above.

The problems arise when the result on our wardrobes is cumulative. Your wardrobe needs change but you don’t always edit your clothes at the same rate. Resulting in too many things that you just don’t wear. It’s not about throwing everything out, there should be a balance between culling what you’ve got and building on what’s left. Your basics will not be the same as someone else’s. The designs, shapes, colours and fabrics will be as unique as you are, but always a good base around which to build your wardrobe.

How I can provide some answers

For lots of my clients, I have been the voice of reason when it comes to their clothes. During my many years of experience working with some lovely people, I have also worked with some pretty dysfunctional wardrobes. I have helped in focusing attention on the realities of now. What do you need for your day to day life as you live it today.

I have had ladies with hardly anything in their cupboards because they wore a ‘uniform’ in their working life. They were now not sure how to build up a workable collection of clothes. Being in a position to guide them towards some simple purchases, that would make a real difference to their lives, is a real privilege.

At the other end of the spectrum you have the over stuffed wardrobe. One client had about a dozen beautiful, fine cable knit jumpers. They ranged from off white to beige, from new to old. She had no idea she possessed them all because most had made their way further and further back in a deep cupboard. It was a style she liked which was great, but she just needed to be able to see them all. We culled the repeats and the ‘tired’ ones, which gave her existing clothes more room and reminded her she didn’t need any more!

A dear friend says that I sit on her shoulder when she’s looking for clothes. My voice of reason is always there. Is it something you need? Do you love it? Will this fit in with your colour scheme? Does it fit in with your current lifestyle or an imaginary hopeful future?

By making wise decisions, whether in rejecting from or in adding to, your existing wardrobe, you can build a smaller wardrobe fit for any and every occasion.