My approach to Fashion and Design

I have worked in fashion and design for many years and specialise in designing and making one-off  couture outfits for all occasions. The inspiration for my work comes from many different sources. I love creating a beautiful outfit for a special occasion. I also specialise in making clothes for professional women. For them it’s important that they can concentrate on their busy lives knowing that they look good. I keep abreast of the current trends but try to avoid concentrating on fashion items. This is because I fervently believe that you should wear these pieces for many years. My focus is on investment dressing and making your clothes work for you.

Clients often have a clear idea of what they want.  They might have seen an image and want it translated to an outfit that would suit them.  The starting point can be  many things. A wonderful piece of fabric, a colour or a treasured item long past it’s ‘sell by date’, the list is endless. The design and finished item then grow ‘organically’. It can often take on a different look as it progresses through the production process. This is when alterations to the initial brief mean that we can create a look that suits the client best.

Investment Dressing

As a fashion designer, people think I must design and make the weird and outlandish fashion that appears on the catwalks.  In reality, most of my work involves designing clothes that although unique, fit and flatter the individual. They become the mainstay of my client’s wardrobe, whether for work or for special occasion wear.

If you have the right clothes for your body and your lifestyle then you will wear them again and again. It makes sense to get the best you can afford because these pieces are going to be with you for many years. These are the clothes to invest in, your core collection that you build everything else from. The requirements will be individual to you. Examples might be a great jacket, grey flannel trousers and a navy blue dress (black is often quite difficult to wear).

Then there are ‘fashion’ items, the nod to what is new and exciting. These can be the sequin T-shirt or a lime green shirt, you name it. In my opinion these things should not be treated as investment pieces for most people. These should be bought as additions to the core and be cleared out when the trend has moved on.