Women are beginning to become more aware of the impact that the fashion industry as a whole has on the planet, and the limited resources that we are the custodians of. For people in many countries, and in many cultures, the idea that you have things you don’t need is not even on their radar. However, over the past few decades in the UK, Europe and the USA, having more has been seen to be better. I can’t quite work out who it is ‘better’ for, but the mantra has been there anyway.

Fast Fashion, the throwaway culture, wardrobes full of unworn items, landfill in waiting, however you choose to think about our over consumption, one thing is clear, we cannot continue as we have been. As individuals, our wardrobes and our wider purchasing choices are an aspect of our personal consumption that we have complete control over.

Over four decades, I have chosen to limit my fashion footprint. I create beautiful clothes for women who really value them. By using beautiful fabrics, mostly wool and silk, that are natural in origin, the items will retain their shape and body and will undoubtedly stay looking gorgeous for years.

Having clothes made for you is a commitment. It is a commitment of my time but especially it is a commitment of both the time and resources of my clients.

To have something that fits you perfectly and that reflects your personality takes time, your time and my time. Sometimes two or four fittings, and often several more. This means that a lot of effort, and love, care and creativity has gone into the finished product. This process really means something to me, and to the recipient of all this attention. When so much dedication is going into the creative process, using fabrics that have been created with the same care seems to be a no brainer.

I have clients who are still wearing clothes I have made for them 20 or even 30 years later. Beautiful fabrics lovingly crafted create something you will want to keep for years. The absolute antithesis of fast fashion.

The Milly&Myrtle ready to wear collection is going to be building on this thought process. I will be using some stunning materials and including fabrics that I have been collecting for years. Statement clothes and designs will have an ageless and timeless quality. Each item unique, and compiled into small carefully curated capsule collections, minimising any over production and waste.

My tailoring background means that I have a love of wool and natural fibres, and I will attempt to source as much of the new fabric in the most sustainable way possible. Using ends of rolls and dead stock will mean that fabric that is destined for landfill will have a great future.

By creating beautiful, wearable and inspirational clothes, I believe I have always been at the forefront of this modern ethical debate, I just didn’t know it!

Currently the this new collection has sold out, how wonderful to be in such demand, but my inspiration is in full flow so more items will be available soon…

The Milly&Myrtle collection will consist of a mix of unique, wearable contemporary tailoring, and Posh Pyjamas. I will keep a small stock but to avoid waste and overproduction there may need to be a few days lead time in the production process for new orders. Using natural fibres will mean that your new loungewear will be comfortable and breathable and will be a joy to wear.

The Milly&Myrtle collection of unique accessories is made mainly of recycled fabric, wools and silks, and a selection of ribbons, beads and findings that I have collected throughout my life. I just love how colour and texture work together and with the addition of some carefully sourced aromatherapy oils the whole experience is very sensory.

Being considerate to the limited resources we have does not mean that we have to live in a colourless world of deprivation, we just need to make wise choices about how we use what we have all around us, and feel fabulous while we’re doing it!