Elaine Miller Design specialises in couture and bespoke outfits for the discerning, image conscious woman. Made-to-measure clothes, in beautiful fabrics and colours, to suit every occasion. Everything designed and made is just as unique as you are. Clothes that are unique in shape, fit and fabric. My clients really value how having something made especially for them can make them feel. You are safe in the knowledge that you will never come face to face with someone in the same outfit. I’m always amazed how even the most expensive clothes come in size and colour options.

The complete package

I offer an individual blend of practical advice on style, cut and colour. Added to this is a knowledge of the overall image, from the construction of a garment to the finished product. A complete package to transform the way you think about yourself, both in relation to your clothes and your image.

Many clients have ideas about what they want, many don’t. Some people come once to get a special outfit for a special occasion. I also have clients who have retained my services for decades, making clothes that are worn day in day out. Couture has the reputation of being ridiculously expensive, especially if you read the really glossy magazines and look at some of the prices. However, the reality is quite different. Yes, of course it costs more than something that is mass produced. But without the vast overheads of the expensive small boutiques, you often don’t pay any more for unique than you would for something that you’d find in one of those.

Whatever your criteria, having well fitting, beautiful and exclusive clothes, hand made especially for you, is an experience you will not forget.