My dreams became reality when I set up my own label after I became Young Designer of the Year…many moons ago. Since then I have worked with a wide range of clients including private, celebrity and corporate professionals. Some clients want a simple black skirt, while many have commissioned outfits for special occasions, award ceremonies and presentations. I have also made entire wardrobes of unique, functional, wearable and beautiful clothes to give my clients effortless elegance everyday.

Over the years I have also been fortunate to work with many local and national organisations. I have given guidance on trends, helped to raise funds, explored future design thinking and consulted on personal style.

Whether working for a private client, a City institution, or the BBC, my personal passion for what I do remains the driving force. I love making people feel like individuals and making them look and feel special.

Elaine Miller Design has come a long way and I’m really looking forward to many new inspirations and projects, discovering exciting fabrics and working with some great clients to create some unique memories.

The introduction of the Milly Churchill Ready to Wear collection, is returning to my roots. I love to bring fabrics to life and create small capsule wardrobes where simplicity, texture and function work well together to become more than the individual parts.

Please contact me at for an extensive media kit outlining my work in far more detail.