Beautifully Tailored British Fashion

Traditional couture skills combined with modern fashion design allows me to create

beautiful, innovative, unique and desirable clothing


Welcome to Elaine Miller Design, the home of designer Milly Churchill, who has created a label specialising in unique, inspirational high quality clothes and accessories to covet for years to come.

I will also be introducing a new range of Posh Pyjamas loungewear and a Ready to Wear collection for Milly&Myrtle.

The consistent theme between all my work and these new collections is that I believe in clothes that are designed and made for the individual, for real women who want to look their best and who believe that owning fewer, better clothes is the way forward.

Inspiration comes from many things when I work with my clients, including a passion for beautiful fabrics, colours and textures, from the world around us, and from current trends.

My mission is for women to really think about their image in a very positive way, and to create a wardrobe of clothes that are worn again and again. Clothes that reflect both the personality and the needs of my clients, and that are loved and cherished pieces in their wardrobes. A world away from the disposable fashion that has received so much publicity recently.

Designs are brought to life using precise workmanship and a trained eye to create the most flattering silhouette for your body, creating timeless, elegant and contemporary classics. Clothes to work with you, and for you, day after day and also for that special occasion. Have fewer clothes, make sure they’re beautiful, and wear them more often, is my mantra.

Whatever your lifestyle may be, the clothes you wear say so much about how you’re feeling. I aim to create a mixture of wearable, practical but beautiful statement pieces. From the stylishly functional to the striking and flamboyant, you can feel like you’re wearing a work of art.

Having a collection of clothes that work for you, makes it so much easier to get dressed for everyday situations or special occasions. Making people feel like individuals and helping them to express themselves through my designs is a really special job, and I love it!!

In my couture business and in the new Ready to Wear collection no two pieces are the same, this is slow fashion. Investment dressing to last a lifetime.

Welcome to a different way of looking at your image and your clothes, please take time to explore and share my vision.


– Wisdom of Confucius

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